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Rebecca Schlegel

Associate Head of UG Studies and Programs
Areas of Speciality
  • Personality Processes
  • Social & Personality Psychology
  • (979) 862-1633
  • MILN 212
Professional Links
Office Hours, Fall 2023
Thursdays 1:30-2:20 in MILN 212
Accepting Students for 2024-2025?

Research Interests

  • The True Self
  • Well-being
  • Meaning in Life

Recent Publications

Sheldon, K. M., Gofferdi, R., & Schlegel, R. J. (in press). Self-concordant goal-striving as internalized motivation: Benefits beyond person-goal fit. Motivation Science. 

*Garrison, K., *Rivera, G. N., Schmeichel, B. J., Schlegel, R. J., Hicks, J. A. (in press). Authentic for thee but not for me: Perceived authenticity in self-control conflicts. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 

Lutz, P. K., Newman, D. B., Schlegel, R. J., & Wirtz, D. (in press). Authenticity, meaning in life, and life satisfaction: A multicomponent investigation of relationships at the trait and state levels. Journal of Personality. 

*Chen, K., Zhang, H., *Friedman, M., & Schlegel, R. J. (in press). The authentic catch-22: Following the true self promoted decision satisfaction in moral dilemmas. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 

*Maffly-Kipp, J., *Flanagan, P. N., Stichter, M., Hicks, J. A., Schlegel, R. J., & Vess, M. (in press). Civic hope and the perceived authenticity of democratic participation. Social Psychological and Personality Science. 

Kim, J., *Chen, K., Rivera, G. N., Hong, E. K., Kamble, S., Scollon, C. N., Sheldon, K. M., Zhang, H., & Schlegel, R. J. (in press). True-self-as-guide lay theory endorsement across five cultures. Self and Identity. 

*Maffly-Kipp, J., *Flanagan, P. N., Schlegel, R. J., & Vess, M. (2022). True self-attributions shape judgements of blame in the context of addiction-relevant crime. Addictive Behaviors. 

*Maffly-Kipp, J., Rivera, G. N., Schlegel, R. J., & Vess, M. (2022). The effect of true self-attributions on the endorsement of retributive and restorative justice. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 48, 1284-1297.

Kim, J., Holte, P., Martela, F., Shanahan, C., Li, Z., Zhang, H., Eisenbeck, N., Carreno, D., Schlegel, R. J., & Hicks, J. A. (2022). Experiential appreciation as a pathway to meaning in life. Nature Human Behavior, 6, 677-690.

*Rivera, G. N., Salter, P. S., *Friedman, M., *Crist, J., & Schlegel, R. J. (2022). When race trumps political ideology: Black teachers who advocate for social responsibility are penalized by both liberals and conservatives. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 48(1), 105-119.

Affiliated Research Cluster

Personality Processes. True self; well-being; meaning in life.