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Rebecca Schlegel

Areas of Speciality
  • Personality Processes
  • Social & Personality Psychology
  • (979) 862-1633
  • Psychology 257
Professional Links
Associate Professor

Research Interests

The True Self, Well-being, and Meaning in Life

Recent Publications

De Freitas, J., Cikara, M., Grossmann, I & Schlegel, R. J. (In press). Origins of the Belief in Good True Selves. Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Bettencourt, B. A., Manning, M. A., Molix, L. A., Schlegel, R. J., Eidelman, S., & Biernat, M.   (2016). Explaining Extremity in Evaluation of Group Members: Meta-Analytic Tests of Three Theories. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 20, 49-74.

Salter, P. S., Hirsch, K. A., Schlegel, R. J. & Thai, L. (2016). Who Needs Individual Responsibility? Audience Race and Message Content Influence Third-Party Evaluations of Political Messages. Social Psychology and Personality Science, 7, 29-36.

Christy, A. G., Seto, E., Schlegel, R. J., Vess, M., & Hicks, J. A. (2016) Straying from the Righteous Path and from Ourselves: Moral Behaviors and Perceived Self-Knowledge. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 42, 1530-1550.