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Ta’Niss Robinson

Ta'Niss Robinson
2020 Graduate

Position and Employer

Associate Specialist-Learning and Organizational Development at Ally Financial

What MSIOP program experiences have been very valuable to you in your career?

The consulting projects we did throughout the semester were very valuable and applicable to my current role. My role includes some internal consulting with fellow employees for their learning and development needs, so that experience in the program has helped prepare me for that. Also, the skill of building presentations for class and presenting to clients has been extremely valuable as well. The many presentations we did throughout the semesters taught me how to outline presentations, design the slides, and ensure the content was concise but valuable, and build my presentation skills were skills that I developed during the program that have been extremely helpful in my career.

What is your take on the perceived financial value of the MSIOP program?

The MSIOP program was an investment in my future that I believe paid off. Not only did I receive a return on my investment for the knowledge and skills that I gained during my time in the program, but I also received detailed and tailored advice from my professors ranging from resume and application tips to negotiation tips. For example, with guidance from my professors, I was able to negotiate a relocation sign-on bonus for my internship as well as a base salary increase for my full time role. I was able to do this confidently because the program prepared me with the education and support that I needed.

What advice would you give to students?

My advice to students is to go the extra mile and always strive to do the best you can. It’s important to set yourself apart and that is what’s going to help you land internships and jobs. Also, don’t take rejection personally. It’s a part of the process. Learn from it and keep moving forward. While striving to do all of this, also remember to strive toward some kind of balance in life. Be social, have fun, and be present because the time goes by fast. Good luck 🙂