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Teaching Scholars Program

What is the Teacher Scholar Program?

The purpose of this program is to give Psychology majors and Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience majors experience in educational programs and knowledge about the scientific basis for educational strategies. It is also a great way to learn more about psychology– we often learn material better when we have to teach and explain concepts to others. Ideally, students will develop skills that not only help them be successful teaching assistants, but can be applied to other aspects of their future careers. This is a great experience for students who are thinking about a teaching career, and also for those who expect to teach as part of a graduate program.  As we developed this program, we discovered that many of our current PhD students and faculty had taken part in this type of program when they were undergraduate psychology majors and it has been beneficial for them in their teaching assignments.

Who is eligible?

All Psychology majors and Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience majors who will be juniors or seniors in the semester for which they are applying. Non-degree seeking students may also apply. To select students for the program, we will look at GPA, performance in psychology courses, interest in the program, match with available courses, and future career plans.

What is involved in the program?

Scholars will register for PSYC 483 for 3 credits (0 credit and honors options are also available). Scholars will have a weekly 1-hour class to discuss instructional techniques, ethics, and complete training in specific topics. Scholars will be assigned to an undergraduate course and will be required to attend lectures for their assigned course. They will work with the instructor of that course to develop a plan that involves student interaction (review sessions, discussion groups, tutoring) and course feedback (writing, assignments, exams). Students will complete brief weekly check-in assignments, group presentations, and an end-of semester reflection paper as part of the 483 course. Some students may also elect to complete a LAUNCH teaching capstone project as part of their scholars experience. Teaching scholars can expect an evaluation and/or letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the course.

How do I apply?

The application for Fall 2024 is now available! Applications for the Fall 2024 semester are due by March 29th, 2024.  To apply, click here to complete the online Teacher Scholar application. You will provide some basic information and answer some questions about your interest in the program. All applications will be reviewed shortly after the deadline, and you will be notified of your application status within two weeks of the deadline. If you have any questions, feel free to email Dr. Smallman (

Teaching Scholar Experiences

“With a heavy course load I was a little hesitant when deciding to apply for the teaching scholars program, but the support and flexibility offered by this program has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to smoothly transition into the role of a TA. As a teaching scholar, I have not only learned how to be successful as an instructor, but I have also gained leadership skills and experienced professional development. As I prepare to enter the field of healthcare, I believe the skills I have obtained through this program will allow me to be successful in this field and advance in my professional career.” – Maria Abreo (Teaching Scholar Spring 24)

“I chose to apply to the Teaching Scholars Program with the objective of deepening my engagement within the academic community at A&M and enhancing my proficiency in classroom dynamics. Throughout my participation, I have honed my communication abilities, refined my aptitude for collaborative group work, and cultivated a heightened sense of confidence in the educational environment. The program has played a pivotal role in fostering my overall personal development, contributing significantly to my growth as a well-rounded individual and expanding my horizons through exposure to diverse experiences.” – Anna Farris (Teaching Scholar Fall 23 – Spring 24)

“The Teaching Scholars program has been, by far, the most rewarding, preparatory, and exhilarating academic program that I’ve been blessed to be a part of during my undergraduate career. Through my experience as a TA, I have strengthened numerous skills that are desirable for applying to graduate programs, and that have prepared me for leadership and entering the professional world post-college. I have had the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills (with both other students and professors), practice various teaching methods, and overall gain the invaluable experience of serving my peers while being an individual that other students can trust and use as a resource. Not to mention, this program offers a strong support system for all of our Psyc TA’s. It doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there and apply!” – Gabby Ouer (Teaching Scholar Spring 23 – Spring 24)