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Religious Studies is becoming part of the College of Arts and Sciences in Fall 2022.

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Digitalization of Church Amidst Covid-19

Posted January 31, 2022

Digitalization of Church Amidst Covid-19   An interview with TAMU Religious Studies Professor Dr. Heidi Campbell (Department of Communication)   by Aaron Staab   College Station, Texas, December 16   When Covid-19 swept across the country, I myself questioned how churches would be able to continue to have their congregations gather as a community. As […]

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Welcome to Religious Studies

Posted August 15, 2021

Welcome! Are you curious about exorcism in medieval art, how the world’s religious traditions might just be on track to make the world more environmentally sustainable, or what ancient sacred texts biblical scholars and archeologists have recently discovered? Then you are curious about religious studies! With a major and a minor in religious studies, Texas […]


Upcoming events

students outdoors listening to lecture
Brian Light, Owner and Executive Chef of Ronin Farm & Restaurant in Bryan, Texas explains his use of biodynamic gardening principles to Dr. Veldman's 'Religion and the Environment' class (Spring 2021). Biodynamics has roots in an early twentieth esoteric spiritual tradition known as Anthroposophy. (Credit: Morgan Meredith)