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Religious Studies Major

If you love learning about religions, you can major in religious studies by pursuing the University studies degree with a concentration in, “Religious Thought, Practices and Culture.” The University Studies Bachelor of Arts allows you to focus on religious studies as your primary field and combine it with two other fields.  Majors in Religious Thought, Practices and Cultures take 21 credit hours (7 courses) in religious studies (RELS), plus two 15 credit minors, one of which is not in the College of Liberal Arts.

How do I sign up for a major in Religious Thought, Practices and Culture?

To declare your University Studies BA in Religious Thought, Practices and Culture, go to the advising scheduling system at: https//  Set up a General Advising appointment with Religious Studies Advisor, Samantha Thorpe. When selecting a location, please use LA-Undergraduate Programs Office (COKE Building), and for appointment type, select LA-General Advising. Include details about your interests in the major or minor in the comments area. If you experience any difficulty scheduling, please call 979.845.5143 to schedule appointment.