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Adaptive Liminality: Land Stewardship

Dr. Andrea Robert

Land Stewardship and Revitalization Lessons from the Freedom Colony Diaspora

14 September | 12 PM CST

A growing body of scholarship advances the validity of vernacular African American placemaking and architecture as a by-product of protest, cultural expression, and international design. Despite this few scholars have focused on related rural African American building and preservation practices as expressions of a continuous and contemporary struggle for Black liberation and justice.

Presenting an excerpt from her forth coming book, Never Sell the Land, Dr. Andrea Robert, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, shares lessons from recorded stewardship and revitalization practices among members of the freedom colony diasport – African American descendants of Black settlement founders.

She will be illuminating the racialized nature of land use and preservation regulatory environments which endanger freedom colonies while highlighting descendants’ adoptive liminality – effective approaches to catalyzing inter-generational bridging and bonding of urban-rural social capital to preserve endangered communities of color in the face of racism.

A part of the Race and Ethnic Studies Institute Colloquium Series at Texas A&M University. For inquiries, please email