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Nobody’s Pilgrims and Nepantla Familias: Sergio Troncoso on Writing About the Borderlands and Beyond

The Race and Ethnic Studies Institute (RESI) invites you to attend our upcoming book talk on Tuesday, September 13th at 12PM CDT in LAAH 453, featuring renowned author Sergio Troncoso. Mr. Troncoso is the son of Mexican immigrants and is an El Paso, Texas native. He has written eight books which center on distinct aspects of the United States-Mexico border, such as working-class immigrants, families, fatherhood, and the crossing of borders (cultural, psychological, and philosophical) 

Mr. Troncoso will be focusing on his new book Nobody’s Pilgrims, a coming-of-age fictional novel with a thriller twist. Nobody’s Pilgrims both offers and questions the possibility of escape in America – like Huckleberry Finn with a gritty frontera twist. Join us in person and get to know the author on Tuesday September 13th. No registration required, but there is a limited amount of seating.