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Center Research

One of the most salient aspects of race and ethnic research is that it transcends across multiple audiences and disciplines. Because of this, our research projects engage with race and ethnicity in an array of aspects, including education, social movement, governance, public discourse, and life experiences of Texas residents. Each of these projects are designed to consider race and ethnicity, particularly how these topics can help our understanding of the current hierarchical systems and structures at play within our society. The research projects described below are a brief glimpse of the ongoing work conducted by our institute team and partners.

Texas Diversity Study (TDS)

The TDS is an interdisciplinary study that aims to gain awareness on the habits, experiences, and living conditions of Texas residents. The long term goal of this project is to create a database that can be used to analyze the trends and changes of Texas residents over time.

Texas Rural Study (TRS)

The purpose of the TRS is to measure the attitudes of Texas’ rural African American population. We hope to show the perspectives of Black rural Texans on their attitudes towards social justice, democracy, national, state and local governance and their overall dispositions. This project is a partnership between RESI and Texas A&M Prairie View University.

Mutual Aid Symposium

Mutual aid is a form of solidarity-based support, in which communities unite against a common struggle. While these types of community-based support systems have existed for centuries, they have proliferated across the United States over the past year. The Mutual Aid Symposium’s main objective is to demonstrate the agency, self-empowerment, and solidarity in marginalized and underdeveloped communities during the pandemic and how their strategies can become models for micro and macro institutions in the future. This symposia series brings scholars and activists who are actively engaged with these mutual-aid groups to present their strategies in dealing with the pandemic and  the effects of these mobilizations on the members of these communities.

Watch our past symposia event . 

Race and Space Tour 

The RESI Race and Space Tour explores Texas A&M University to highlight and challenge its complex history. This 60-minute walking tour visits locations throughout campus to show you the unseen racial tensions present within it. The Race and Space Tour is designed to provide new insight into some of the university’s most prolific buildings, landmarks and spaces. To find out additional information regarding the tour, click here.