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Funding – RESI Interdisciplinary Faculty Seed Grant

The Race & Ethnic Studies Institute (RESI) invites full-time faculty and researchers at TAMU who have a doctoral degree to submit inter-disciplinary pilot study proposals that address current racial and ethnic social problems. This initiative is expected to support one to two new pilot projects. The projects must demonstrate collaboration between at least two (2) department representatives. The projects may cover a wide range of research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative research, policy analysis and evaluation, and translation of research into practice. Existing or new data may be used. Inclusion of investigators from historically underrepresented groups as PI, Co-PI, or Mentor is encouraged, and to be considered proposals must include race and/or ethnicity as a central focus.

When evaluating the projects, emphasis is placed on the overall value of the project to RESI’s mission, the scientific merit of the research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the likelihood that the work will lead to scholarly publication and external funding of subsequent studies. Note that it is not enough to just study an underrepresented population. One needs to specify research questions focused on race/ethnicity and then analyze the role of race/ethnicity in the phenomena being studied.

All proposal submissions should contain the following:

  1. An overview (2-pages maximum total) that includes a) the title of the project; b) a project abstract of 150 words or less; c) the name and university affiliation, and contact information for the PI; and c) the names and university affiliations of the other investigators on the proposal
  2. A proposal narrative that is single-spaced (not including references) with a 5-page maximum length (no more than 3500 words). Longer proposals will be truncated to their first 5 pages. The narrative should describe:
    • The specific aims of the proposal (what is the research intended to accomplish or find, regarding race/ethnicity)
    • Background (what observations or prior scientific findings serve as the basis for the study)
    • Importance and Implications of the work (why is it important to conduct the research, particularly regarding race/ethnicity)
    • Evidence of interdisciplinary partnership
    • Subjects and Recruitment (who will be studied, how will they be identified, and how will they be approached for participation)
    • Analytic plan (what information will be gathered, how will it be gathered, and how will it be analyzed)
    • Qualifications of the Principal Investigators
    • Plans for scholarly publications
    • Plans to seek federal or other external funding for expanded follow-up research
  3. A project budget and brief budget justification (1-page total)

Budgets of $5,000-$10,000 will be considered. RESI funds can be used for participant payments, office or computer supplies, measurement, statistical programming, or research assistant support. Funds cannot be used for university staff and faculty salaries, conference travel, equipment, or physical plant infrastructure. No indirect costs may be included in the proposed budget.

The deadline for the proposal is June 15th, 2022. Proposal components must be submitted in a single PDF document and uploaded at the link below. Decisions about proposals will be announced by July 1st, 2022. Approved pilot studies should begin thereafter and, if possible, end no more than one year later. Brief progress reports will be required of grantees.

Please submit your details here :