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Everybody Eats! Facilitating a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Supply Chain for the Residential Food Garden

Everybody Eats ProgramPresenter: Dr. Sarah Gatson, TAMU Sociology Professor

This presentation’s focus is on incorporating EarthKind (AgriLife Extension) and Regenerative Agricultural principles into residentially-based food gardens. It summarizes everyday and research-based practices, with graphic examples, and raises questions for the ongoing facilitation of these gardens in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and provides a suggested way forward that recognizes the intersecting needs upon which holistic, systemic, health is built.

Dr. Gatson’s narrated PowerPoint for the TAMU Virtual Earth Month

Texas A&M University Virtual Earth Month

Everybody Eats community participant gardeners’ blogs

Constructed from visits to the gardeners and digital conversations and emailed photos from the gardeners, written by Daisy Castillo, who served as both a Sociology Undergrad Research Fellow and a paid Research Assistant for two years, and recently completed the blogs this summer after her graduation! Both of these gardeners have long experience with food gardening in the Brazos Valley, and had established gardens that my project helped expand as part of the service-learning research project across the Sociology of Community, Sociology of Law, and Marriage Institution/Contemporary Family courses between 2015-2020: