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Sociology Colloquium, 10/7/2020

Examining the Causal Effect of Skin Color in Online DatingEmilce Santana

Dr. Emilce Santana, Texas A&M University

This project seeks to measure the causal effect of an individual’s skin color on their likelihood of engaging in interethnic/interracial romantic relationships. The literature on skin color inequality is limited by issues such as a heavy reliance on observational data and inconsistent measures of skin color, which hinder researchers’ capacity to make causal inferences about the role of skin color in perpetuating discrepancies in outcomes within ethnoracial groups. To address these issues, I field a survey experiment that features online dating profiles of Black daters. I test how the skin color of the profiled individuals affects the likelihood that respondents of other ethnoracial groups will be interested in dating them. The results of this study will improve the sociological understanding of a particular mechanism that may determine contact across ethnoracial groups.

October 7, 2020
Wednesday, 12–1:30pm
Zoom session
Meeting ID: 934 2571 4176
Passcode: 425155

If you cannot join with video, you can connect to the Zoom session via phone: 1–346–248–7799