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Sociology Colloquium, 10/5/2022

Empowering Indigenous Women for Leadership in their Rural Communities

Nereyda Ortiz Osejo ColloquiumNereyda Ortíz Osejo, Texas A&M University

Nereyda worked as a consultant on a USAID- and Microsoft-funded project that aims to increase economic opportunities for indigenous women in ten communities in Huehuetenango, Guatemala by providing them access to electricity, internet connectivity, and training programs in digital, financial, and leadership skills through the Digital Community Centers (DCC). To achieve the objective, the team project is (a) organizing the Committee of Leaders to manage the DCC in ten communities of Huehuetenango; (b) establishing ten new DCCs with access to solar power and internet connectivity; and (c) co-creating sustainable business models with women from target communities to provide useful business services to the community and local institutions through the DCC.

October 5, 2022
Wednesday, 12:00pm
Location: Liberal Arts Social Sciences Building (LASB) 317