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Sociology Colloquium, 10/26/2022

Do Self Sufficient Refugees Start from Nothing?

Paul Scholes PrizePaul Scholes, Texas A&M University

Are refugees “blank slates” or do their characteristics matter for economic outcomes?
The refugee studies literature makes conflicting predictions about refugee outcomes.

What strategies help refugees become economically sufficient?
Refugees are different from migrants and are selected, resettled, and live through different processes. They utilize different strategies and experience different outcomes because the strategies that migrants use are often impossible for refugees.

How do the outcomes of refugees resettled to the United States compare to Canadian refugee outcomes?

How do these similar systems compare to each other?

Do external shocks like terrorist attacks, Presidential changes, funding changes, and economic recessions affect refugee economic self-sufficiency?
Paul Scholes only found evidence for one of these mechanisms.

October 26, 2022
Wednesday, 12:00pm
Location: Liberal Arts Social Sciences Building (LASB) 317