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Sociology Colloquium, 3/1/2023

You Don’t Look Like a Lawyer

Dr. Tsedale Melaku, Baruch College, City University of New YorkTsedale Melaku

This talk will highlight the often-hidden mechanisms elite law firms utilize to perpetuate and maintain a dominant white male system. By weaving the narratives with a critical race analysis, it exposes this exclusive elite environment, demonstrating the rawness and reality of Black women’s experiences in white spaces. This framework allows us to hear the voices of Black women as they tell their stories and perspectives on working in a highly competitive, racialized, and gendered environment, and the impact it has on their advancement and beyond.

Tsedale M. Melaku is a Sociologist, Assistant Professor of Management at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College (CUNY), and author of You Don’t Look Like a Lawyer: Black Women and Systemic Gendered Racism, which reflects the emphasis of her scholarly interests on race, gender, class, workplace inequities, intersectionality, and organizations. Dr. Melaku’s work has been featured in various outlets, including the Harvard Business Review, New York TimesThe Washington PostBloomberg LawThe Boston Globe, and Fortune, as well as peer-reviewed journals. Her interdisciplinary research on women in the workplace unites three strands of significant sociological and management inquiry: diversity in the workplace, women in leadership positions, and the impact of systemic racism on advancement opportunities. Dr. Melaku is working on her second book, The Handbook on Workplace Diversity and Stratification, while also researching the impact of race and gender on the experiences of various marginalized groups in the workplace. To learn more follow her on Twitter, @TsedaleMelaku, or visit her website,

March 1, 2023
Wednesday, 12:00pm
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 946 2546 0029

If you cannot join with video, you can connect to the Zoom session via phone: 1–346–248–7799