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  • In Solidarity and Support of Black Lives

    From Faculty of the Department of Sociology, Texas A&M University Like many other academic communities across the country, we wish to acknowledge our outrage at the murder of George Floyd and the countless other Black, brown, and Indigenous people who have lost their lives as result of systemically racist policing in the United States. As […]

  • Why Study Sociology?

    Sociology studies the development, structure, and processes of human society, which prepares for a lifetime of change by developing an appreciation of diversity, love of learning, writing and study skills. Students who study sociology are generally interested in human behavior, the human condition, and social justice.

  • American Behavioral Scientist Logo

    “American Behavioral Scientist” Special Issue

    Mary Campbell, along with Jenifer Bratter (Rice University) and Wendy Roth (University of British Columbia), has edited a forthcoming special issue of American Behavioral Scientist entitled “Measuring the Diverging Components of Race” that is now available online. This special issue brings together original research that advances the emerging subfield on the measurement and analysis of […]