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KLAMS Publication Receives Honorable Mention from Southwestern Sociological Association

November 22, 2019

Professor Marcus ShawDr. Marcus Shaw, Assistant Professor of Criminology, Fresno State, received an Honorable Mention for the Published Paper Award from Southwestern Sociological Association for the paper “The Reproduction of Social Disadvantage through Educational Demobilization: A Critical Analysis of Parental Incarceration” published in Critical Criminology (2019, volume 27, issue 2, pages 275-290). This study uses KLAMS data to look at how parental incarceration affect the educational experiences of children in adolescence and in young adulthood. Dr. Shaw finds that children with incarcerated parents are more likely to experience unhappiness in school and have significantly lower levels of educational success than their counterparts not experiencing parental incarceration. This finding shows that the idea of reproduction of disadvantage due to parental incarceration will be an important issue to focus at, even if we see a reduction in incarcerated populations.

Dr. Marcus Shaw started using KLAMS data when he was a master’s student at UC Merced. He has attended many of the KLAMS sessions at Southwestern Social Science meetings and has kept a close contact with the TAMU KLAMS group. Congratulations!

Link to paper