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Arthur Sakamoto

Arthur Sakamoto
  • Academic 425A
Professional Links
Degree From
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison

Research Interests

  • Social Stratification and Inequality
  • Economic Sociology
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Japan

Courses Taught at Texas A&M

  • SOCI 317: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCI 420: Advanced Methods of Social Research
  • SOCI 607: Social Stratification
  • SOCI 633: Demographic Methods

Representative Publications

  • Kim, ChangHwan, Christopher R. Tamborini and Arthur Sakamoto. 2015. “Field of Study in College and Lifetime Earnings in the United States.”  Sociology of Education 88:320-339.
  • Maia, Alexandre G., Arthur Sakamoto, and Sharron X. Wang. 2015.  “The Socioeconomic Attainments of Japanese-Brazilians and Japanese-Americans.”  Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 1:547-563.
  • Tamborini, Christopher R., ChangHwan Kim and Arthur Sakamoto.  2015. “Education and Lifetime Earnings in the United States.”  Demography 52:1383-1407.
  • Sakamoto, Arthur, Jason Rarick, Hyeyoung Woo and Sharron Xuanren Wang. 2014. “What Underlies the Great Gatsby Curve? Psychological Micro-Foundations of the ‘Vicious Circle’ of Poverty.” Mind & Society 13:195-211.
  • Huyser, Kimberly, Isao Takei and Arthur Sakamoto. 2014. “Demographic Factors Associated with Poverty among American Indians and Alaskan Natives.”  Race and Social Problems 6:120-134.
  • Sakamoto, Arthur and ChangHwan Kim.  2014. “Bringing Productivity Back In: Rising Inequality and Economic Rents in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector, 1971 to 2001.”  The Sociological Quarterly 55:282-314.
  • Kim, ChangHwan and Arthur Sakamoto.  2014. “The Earnings of Less Educated Asian American Men: Educational Selectivity and the Model Minority Image.”  Social Problems 61:1-22.
  • Sasson, Isaac and Arthur Sakamoto.  2014. “Non-Poor Components of Population Growth and Immigration in the U.S., 1990 to 2010.”  Social Indicators Research 115:183-201.