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Arthur Sakamoto

Arthur Sakamoto
  • (979) 862-3577
  • LASB 323
Professional Links
Degree From
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison
Department of Sociology

Research Interests

  • Social Stratification and Inequality
  • Economic Sociology
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Japan

Courses Taught at Texas A&M

  • SOCI 317: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCI 420: Advanced Methods of Social Research
  • SOCI 607: Social Stratification
  • SOCI 633: Demographic Methods

Representative Publications

  • Sakamoto, Arthur and Sharron X. Wang. “The Declining Significance of Occupational Contingency Tables in the Study of Intergenerational Mobility.” Forthcoming in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.
  • Sakamoto, Arthur, ChangHwan Kim and Christopher R. Tamborini. “Changes in Occupations, Jobs, and Skill Polarization.” In press in The Cambridge Handbook on the Changing Nature of Work edited by Brian Hoffman and Lauren Wegman. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press.
  • Sakamoto, Arthur and Li Hsu. 2020. “Do Second-Generation Asian Americans Face a Systematic Disadvantage in Occupational Attainment? Comment on Tran, Lee and Huang.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 43(3):516-532.
  • Cheng, Siwei, Christopher R. Tamborini, ChangHwan Kim and Arthur Sakamoto. 2019. “Educational Variations in Cohort Trends in the Black-White Earnings Gap among Men in the United States.” Demography 56(6):2253-2277.
  • Maia, Alexandre Gori, Arthur Sakamoto and Sharron X. Wang. 2019. “How Employment Shapes Income Inequality: A Comparison between Brazil and the U.S.” Revista de Economia Contemporânea 23(3):1-34.
  • Sakamoto, Arthur and Daniel A. Powers. 2019. “Demography of Social Stratification.” Pp. 457-480 in Handbook of Population, 2nd Edition edited by D. L. Poston, Jr. and M. Micklin. New York: Klewer Academic/ Plenum Publisher.
  • Maia, Alexandre G. and Arthur Sakamoto. 2018. “Does Wage Reflect Labor Productivity? A Comparison between Brazil and the U.S.” Brazilian Journal of Political Economy. 38:629-649.
  • Kim, ChangHwan, Christopher R. Tamborini and Arthur Sakamoto. 2018. “The Sources of Life Chances: Does Demography, Education, Class Category, Occupation or Short-Term Earnings Predict 20-Year Long-Term Earnings?” Sociological Science 5:206-233.