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Brittany Slatton

Personal Website
Texas Southern University
Department of Sociology


Brittany C. Slatton is a Professor of Sociology at Texas Southern University. She earned her doctorate from Texas A&M University, College Station, specializing in race and gender-based inequality. Dr. Slatton’ s research has addressed three main areas of inquiry: 1. African American Health and Inequality, 2. Women and Inequality, 3. African American Men and Sexual Identity. These areas of inquiry have resulted in several peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and edited books, including “Repertoire of Resilience: Black Women’s Social Resistance to Suicide” (Social Problems 2021), “Black Women’s Experiences of Sexual Assault and Disclosure: Insights from the Margins” (Sociology Compass 2019), Women and Inequality in the 21st Century (Routledge 2019), Mythologizing Black Women (Routledge 2014), and Hyper Sexual Hyper Masculine? Gender, Race, and Class in the Identities of Contemporary Black Men (Routledge 2014).