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Garrett Riley

Garrett Riley
Graduate Student
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Research Interests

  • Job Loss
  • Job Insecurity
  • Social Stratification
  • Neoliberalism
  • Religious Studies
  • Music Studies


I am. I be. I is. Three queries, one understanding. Are you? Is you? Was you? Queries for the ego.

A musician and student of Sociology familiar in understanding with social stratification, wealth inequality, religious studies, and neoliberalism. I use social media to engage in qualitative content analysis of forums, and also use statistical software such as SPSS and STATA to analyze big data to define and address institutional inequities. As a result of my lived experience coming from a Black, lower working class background, I am interested in the relationship between job insecurity and individual experiences where the environment is affected by economic trends. Were I to wrap all my areas of interest into one research thread I would study the music of classical and contemporary social movements, and the continuing social themes between them.