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Jozie Nummi

Jozie Nummi
Professional Links
Personal Website
Graduation Date
August 2022
Current Job
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Communication Studies, Bemidji State University

Research Interests

  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Sociology of Policing
  • Social Movements
  • Gender
  • New Media


Jozie Nummi is a doctoral candidate who researches how collective identity impacts online communication and political participation. In her dissertation titled “21st Century Protests in Ferguson, Missouri: Social Media Impact on Protest Communication” she studies the interplay between Twitter users, protest police, and news media coverage during protests in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. She also studies the extent to which trolling by white men is a collective behavior driven by opinion leaders and social networks. She co-authored a forthcoming article in Sociological Forum. Her research contributes to new media studies, race theory, social movement studies, and gender studies.