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Mark Fossett

Mark Fossett
College of Liberal Arts Cornerstone Faculty Fellow
  • LASB 311J
Professional Links
Leadership Position
Associate Director, Texas Federal Statistical Research Data Center
Degree From
Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Sociology

Research Interests

  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Social Inequality
  • Social Demography
  • Urban Sociology
  • Statistical Methods
  • Quantitative Techniques

Courses Taught at Texas A&M

  • SOCI 317: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCI 321: Urban Sociology
  • SOCI 420: Advanced Research Methods
  • SOCI 601: Urban Sociology
  • SOCI 620: Social Demography
  • SOCI 620: Urban and Spatial Demography
  • SOCI 631: Sociological Research Methods
  • SOCI 647: Demography of Inequality

Representative Publications