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Pat Rubio Goldsmith

Pat Rubio Goldsmith
  • Academic 325A
Professional Links
Leadership Position
Interim Department Head
Degree From
Ph.D. University of Arizona

Research Interests

  • Sociology of Education
  • Latinx Sociology
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Immigration
  • Quantitative Methods

Courses Taught at Texas A&M

  • SOCI 203: US-Mexico Border
  • SOCI 415: Sociology of Education
  • SOCI 618: Sociology of Education
  • SOCI 667: US-Mexico Border

Representative Publications

  • Goldsmith, Pat Rubio, Nadia Y. Flores-Yeffal, Juan Salinas, Bruce Reese, and Cristina Elizabeth Cruz. 2018. “Mexican parent’s undocumented status and the educational attainment of the children left behind.” Social Science Research 72:194-208.
  • May, Reuben and Pat Rubio Goldsmith. Forthcoming 2018. “Dress Codes and Discrimination in Urban Nightclubs.” Sociology of Race & Ethnicity 4:555-66.
  • Goldsmith, Pat Rubio, Maureen Pylman and William Veléz. 2017. “Are there Neighborhood Effects on Young Adult Neighborhood Attainment? Evidence from Mixed-Logit Models.” Social Science Research 64:25-42.
  • Goldsmith, Pat Rubio, Marcus Britton, Bruce Reese, and William Veléz. 2017. “Will Moving to a Better Neighborhood Help? Teenage Residential Mobility, Change of Context, and Young-Adult Educational Attainment.” Urban Affairs Review 53(2):305-37.
  • Goldsmith, Pat Rubio. 2016. “Perpetuation Theory and the Racial Segregation of Young Adults.” Social Science Research 56:1-15.
  • Goldsmith, Pat Rubio. 2011. “Coleman Revisited: School Segregation, Peers and Frog Ponds.” American Educational Research Journal 48(3):508-35.
  • Goldsmith, Pat Rubio. 2009. “Schools or Neighborhoods, or Both? Race and Ethnic Segregation and Educational Attainment.” Social Forces 87(4):1913-42.
  • Goldsmith, Pat Rubio, Mary Romero, Raquel Rubio Goldsmith, Manual Escobedo, and Laura Khoury. 2009. “Ethno-Racial Profiling and State Violence in a Southwest Barrio.” Aztlan 34(1):93-123.
  •  Goldsmith, Pat António. 2004. “Schools’ Role in Shaping Race Relations: Evidence on Friendliness and Conflict.” Social Problems 51:587-612.
  • Goldsmith, Pat António. 2004. “Schools’ Racial Mix, Students’ Optimism, and the Black-White and Latino-White Achievement Gaps.” Sociology of Education 77:121-147.
  • Goldsmith, Pat António. 2003. “Racial Relations and Racial Patterns in School Sports Participation.” Sociology of Sport Journal 20:147-171.
  • Goldsmith, Pat António. 2003. “All Segregation is Not Equal: The Impact of Latino and Black School Composition.” Sociological Perspectives 46:83-105.