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Steve Garner

Steve Garner
  • (979) 845-9314
Personal Website
Leadership Position
Department Head
Degree From
Université Paris IV-Sorbonne

Research Interests

• Racism
• Intersections of race, class and nation
• Whitenesss
• Ethnicity
• Immigration
• Political sociology
• Special focus European and international comparative


I am a sociologist interested in the intersection of racism, class and nationalism. I studied at Warwick (pronounced ‘worrick’) University in England before doing graduate study in Paris. I taught at colleges within the University of Paris system, and did my PhD on ethnicity, class and gender in colonial and postcolonial Guyana.

I later worked as a translator, a language teacher and also in the Irish public sector before returning to academia, at University College Cork as a sociology lecturer. I moved back to England to take up a tenured job at the University of the West of England, in Bristol, in 2003. Since then I have taught Sociology and Social Policy at Aston University, The Open University (the UK’s online learning experts), and the University of Bristol. I was Department Head at Birmingham City University Criminology & Sociology. After that I held a senior research post at Cardiff University before joining A&M in September 2021.

My research has primarily been based on the concept of racialization. I have developed the study of white identities in the European context, and use a variety of qualitative and archival methods, topped up with statistics to analyse how racism functions across historical periods and locations including: the Caribbean, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Nordic Europe, France, and Latin America. I have over 60 publications, in English and French on these topics, including 8 books with publishers such as Routledge and Sage, and have provided advisory reports to government departments in Ireland and the UK.

While I appreciate the charms of what Americans refer to as ‘football’, and indeed follow the New Orleans Saints, I am a lifelong player and spectator of proper football (which Americans refer to as ‘soccer’): and a diehard supporter of Liverpool FC.

Representative Publications

(See  for more)

(with Gabriella Elgenius) ‘Gate-keeping the nation: discursive claims, counter-claims and racialized logics of whiteness’ Ethnic and Racial Studies, 44(16): 215-235: (open access).

‘Accommodation crisis: the racialization of travellers in twenty-first century England’ Ethnic and Racial Studies, 42(4): 511-530.

Racisms (Sage, 2017) 2nd edition.

A Moral Economy of Whiteness: four frames of racializing discourse (Routledge, 2015).

(with Saher Selod) ‘The Racialization of Muslims: Empirical Studies of Islamophobia’ Critical Sociology 41(1): 9-19, 2015.

The European Union and the Racialization of Immigration, 1985-2006’, Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts 1(1): 61-87, 2007.

Whiteness: an introduction (Routledge, 2007).

‘The Uses of Whiteness: What Sociologists Working on Europe Can Draw from US Research on Whiteness’ Sociology 40(2): 257-275, 2006.

Racism in the Irish Experience (Pluto Press, 2004).