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Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore
Associate Professor
  • (979) 845-5133
  • Academic 421
Professional Links
Degree From
Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Research Interests

  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Sociology of Law
  • Race, Class and Gender
  • Ethnographic Methods

Courses Taught at Texas A&M

  • SOCI 205: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 317: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCI 667: Seminar Race: Sociology of Mexican Americans
  • SOCI 691: Research


As a sociologist, critical race theorist, and lawyer, Dr. Wendy Leo Moore engages the provocative intersections of race and the law. Her research examines racial inequality and racism in the law, legal institutions and the broader social structure.

Dr. Moore’s recent book, Reproducing Racism: White Space, Elite Law Schools and Racial Inequality, examines the way in which elite law schools operate as white institutional spaces, reproducing white racial norms and values, and the tacit justification of white power, privilege and wealth. Her current projects include an interrogations of the concept of “formal equality” and the manner in which the concept gets deployed as a rhetorical tool to justify the perpetuation of contemporary racial inequality; the prevalence of racist speech on college and university campuses and the manner in which the legal principle of “freedom of speech,” gets deployed in a manner that re-inscribes these institutions as white spaces; and the mechanisms in post-civil rights race jurisprudence that function to create a legal frame that supports, tacitly justifies and ultimately reproduces white privilege and the oppression of people of color.

Representative Publications

  • Wendy Leo Moore, Reproducing Racism: White Space, Elite Law Schools, and Racial Inequality.