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  • Camilo Nieto-Matiz

    Sociology Colloquium, 2/15/2023

    Violence Against Social Activism and the Rise of Criminal Politicians in Colombia Dr. Camilo Nieto-Matiz, University of Texas at San Antonio In civil conflicts, violence is instrumentally used to govern populations, sanction certain behaviors, and preserve the status quo. Can selective assassinations affect the quality of democracy in the long term? This paper argues that […]

  • Defne Over

    Sociology Colloquium, 10/19/2022

    Politics of Nationhood and the Decay of the Media in Turkey Dr. Defne Över, Texas A&M University Existing studies of democratic backsliding highlighted the silent revolution in values, the breakdown of norms due to polarization, and the malleability of laws and constitutions as triggers for institutional decay. Adopting a cultural approach, this paper presents the […]

  • Dr. Wendy Moore Colloquium

    Sociology Colloquium, 8/31/2022

    Critical Race Theory: The Theory and The Politics Dr. Wendy Moore, Texas A&M University On September 4, 2020, the Executive Office of President Trump issued a memorandum directing federal agencies to cease and desist funding any federal training programs that used Critical Race Theory (CRT). This action brought CRT into the public eye, created a […]

  • Vanessa Verner Colloquium

    Sociology Colloquium, 2/2/2022

    Sanctified Saints: Race, Gender, Politics, and Black Pentecostalism Vanessa Verner, Texas A&M University During the racial uprisings of summer 2020, a Pentecostal preacher proposed to his listeners, “You should not be more Black than you are Christian.” That preacher’s proclamation prompted a series of questions on ways to analyze contemporary Black Pentecostal people. This colloquium […]