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  • Dr. Dudley Poston

    Dr. Poston and Dr. Sáenz on 2020 Census Undercount

    Half-million Texans missed in census count will cost the state billions Read or listen to Dr. Dudley Poston interview on Texas Public Radio about the 2020 census undercount and its implications for Texas. This interview is based on research by Dr. Dudley Poston and Dr. Rogelio Sáenz, which is also detailed in the San Antonio […]

  • Dr. Andrew McNeely

    Dissertation Defended, Dr. Andrew McNeely

    Please join me in congratulating Dr. Andrew McNeely in his successful defense of his dissertation “Over-Churched, Under-Fed: The Culture of Religiously-Affiliated Food Pantries in Brazos County, TX”. Andrew was mentored by Dr. Sarah Gatson, committee members include Dr. Joseph Jewell, Dr. Rob Mackin, Dr. Christopher Quick (Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology), and Dr. Robin Veldman (Religious […]

  • Samuel Cohn Sociology Colloquium

    Sociology Colloquium, 2/9/2022

    Frontiers: How Global Capitalism Creates Zones of Extreme Racial Violence Dr. Samuel Cohn, Texas A&M University Frontier Capitalism is drenched in blood. Most discussions of capitalism, social structure and race focus on the dynamics of settled areas. Recent work by Ecological Marxists suggests that capitalism is extremely dependent on its frontiers. The demographic, class and […]

  • Micro Hospital Colloquium

    Sociology Colloquium, 3/31/2021

    Small in Size, Selective in Location, Limited on Healthcare Access Improvement: Exploring the Accessibility of Micro-Hospitals in Texas Through Demographic Spatial Modeling Jingqiu Ren, Ryan Earl, and Dr. Ernesto Amaral, Texas A&M University Micro-hospitals are a new form of for-profit healthcare facility with rapid expansion in some parts of the country. Micro-hospitals in Texas continue […]