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  • Samuel Cohn Sociology Colloquium

    Sociology Colloquium, 2/9/2022

    Frontiers: How Global Capitalism Creates Zones of Extreme Racial Violence Dr. Samuel Cohn, Texas A&M University Frontier Capitalism is drenched in blood. Most discussions of capitalism, social structure and race focus on the dynamics of settled areas. Recent work by Ecological Marxists suggests that capitalism is extremely dependent on its frontiers. The demographic, class and […]

  • Joseph Harris

    Sociology Colloquium, 10/14/2020

    Becoming Brokers: Building Thailand’s Brand in Public Health Dr. Joseph Harris, Boston University From HIV prevention to universal health coverage to coronavirus response, Thailand’s public health policies have garnered international acclaim. What has enabled a resource-constrained country in the Global South to exercise such outsized influence in global public health? What mechanisms have led Thailand’s […]