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Undergraduate Internships

The Texas A&M University Women’s and Gender Studies program offers course credit for work in selected agencies dealing with women and gender issues, under the course number WGST 484. Possible internship placement sites include Phoebe’s Home, Brazos Valley Rape Crisis Center, TAMU Women’s and Gender Equity Resource Center, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Bryan-College Station.

Students should plan for their internship a semester in advance. At least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester of the internship, students should complete the Internship Application and turn the form in to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

WGST 484 Internship Application

Program Description

To receive credit, the student works with a supervisor in the agency as well as with a faculty sponsor. Students not only gain work experience, but do research and writing related to the issues addressed by the agency. If you would like information about a Women’s and Gender Studies internship, please check below.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Internship Program (WGST 484) is an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain on-site experience. Students receive one to four hours of academic credit while learning and working in on- or off-campus placements. Students engage in the ongoing feminist effort to integrate research with social activism as they apply academic knowledge to their work experience and consider how practical experience informs or alters theory.

Internship experiences may take place on- or off- campus, such as at the TAMU Women’s Resource Center or a local battered women’s shelter. The Women’s Resource Center director serves as the coordinator for all internship experiences. Possible internship sites include:

Students may also earn credit for internships with regional and national agencies such as:

Contact Kaileigh Roan, advisor, or Dr. Theresa Morris, Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies, to discuss national and regional internship possibilities.