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Transformational Teaching and Learning

The Transformational Teaching and Learning Unit serves faculty as they incorporate innovative and inclusive pedagogies and emerging instructional technologies into their courses to better serve the needs of the 21st-century learners. These new and innovative teaching strategies will also equip the students with the skills that employers need our students to develop as a part of their school and college curriculum to function, perform, and succeed in this rapidly-changing, technologically-enhanced, and highly-interconnected world. 

This unit will assist faculty in developing online courses as well as incorporating innovative pedagogical methods and technologies in face-face, hybrid, and flipped classrooms.

Service Portfolio:

  1. LMS (Canvas)
  2. LTIs (Third-party tools)
  3. Multimedia Support – Videos and audio podcasts, Captioning of videos
  4. Course Design and Re-design – Flipped, Hybrid, Online, Active Learning Strategies

Please click on TTL HELP if you need any assistance from our office in any of the areas listed above. We are happy to help you!