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July 5 – 9 Present and Future of Confidential Microdata Access Workshop

The Data Research, Access, and Governance Network (DRAGoN) presents a week-long practitioners workshop: “The Present and Future of Confidential Microdata Access.”


DRAGoN is running an international workshop for confidential microdata analysis and research. Session topics include technological solutions, statistical developments, training, operations management and strategic planning. Cross-cutting themes will be sustainability, equity, and applicability in low- and middle-income countries. The interactive sessions will aim to identify current state-of-the-art and good practices, and areas for development of the next decade. This workshop includes 2x 90-minute sessions per day.

The workshop will be held July 5th –  9th, 2021. Time zone-specific calendar invites will be sent upon event registration.

Register for the workshop here.

For a PDF with the full workshop agenda, click here.