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Discussion Series

RDC Discussion and Speaker Series

Are you interested in learning about possibilities for conducting projects using restricted access data available in the RDC and results from research projects already underway? The RDC discussion series serves these interests. Presentations focus on RDC-based research on a wide range of topics including income distribution and inequality, determinants of firm success, business impacts on population growth, residential attainment and segregation, assessing population vulnerability to hurricanes and other hazards, health and health disparities, impacts of transportation infrastructure on population distribution, and more. Presenters include experts with years of experience conducting research in RDCs and folks who are undertaking RDC-based projects for the first time. The series also provides a setting for discussing practical aspects of proposing and undertaking RDC-based research projects.

Future Presentations

Visit our events page for announcements regarding any future events, including discussion series topics and speakers. We also welcome suggestions for speakers and topics suitable for the series. We are open to organizing and supporting presentations and standalone workshops that can promote the development of proposals for RDC-based research projects and/or the interests of the TXRDC research community. Please email suggestions to