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Dr. Marian Eide Explores How U.S. Military Members Talk About Having Killed Another Person In War

Dr. Marian Eide, Professor of English and Affiliate of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, wrote an essay featured in The Conversation, “20 years of ‘forever’ wars have left a toll on US veterans returning to the question: ‘Did you kill?’” which explores how US. Military members talk about having killed another person in war.

This article has been viewed over 20,000 times and picked up by over 30 news outlets. Dr. Eide’s article is based on research she conducted for her book After Combat: True War Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, published in 2018 and coauthored with retired Army Col. Michael Gibler, who served as an infantry officer for 28 years, including deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. “As the U.S. marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the ensuing global war on terrorism,” Eide writes, “I believe that civilians would benefit from hearing veterans’ stories. It can help provide an understanding of the experience of mortality among the men and women who served in America’s name.” Read the article here: