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Let’s Talk About Sex with TAMU’s Newest Women’s and Gender Studies Podcast, Intersections

By Morgan Adamez

Tune into the new Women’s and Gender Studies podcast with host Rebecca Deutsch as they dive into the beautiful world of sex. Although sex can be an awkward topic to talk about, it does not need to be!

In the first episode, “Sex in the Dark,” guest Suzanne Swierc, a health promotion specialist at Texas A&M, covers all the do’s and don’ts for having safe sex. Swierc answers commonly asked questions about birth control and STI’s, and she even debunks common myths revolving around safe sex. In addition to this need-to-know information, Swierc talks about the importance of feeling empowered in your sexual choices and tells listeners that they should enjoy their sexuality. Although Swierc mainly offers details on keeping yourself safe and happy, she also provides tips and tricks for checking in on your friends and making sure they are doing the same.

As mentioned, talking about sex can be awkward, but by the end of this podcast, awkwardness is the last thing listeners will feel. It is nice to know that people feel the same way as you, but don’t take my word for it; instead, tune in to see what the talk is all about and remember, safe sex is the best sex! You can find the WGST podcast here: