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Student Feature: Grace Hoffman

Meet Grace Hoffman, an aspiring lawyer who is ready to devote her work to helping women.

Grace Hoffman is ambitious. Majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and Film, Hoffman is ready to take on the world as a woman. Ever since she was little, Grace dreamed of one day being president, but more recently, she decided to change her career path and be a lawyer with the goal of helping women secure their reproductive rights.

Grace recently was drawn to the Women’s and Gender Studies Program after taking Psychology of Women with Dr. Pam Edens. However, Grace’s favorite class that she has taken so far is Women in Politics, since she has planned to be in politics her whole life. Hoffman questions why women in politics are “treated so differently” and declares that “they are trying to overcompensate for the stereotypes.”

When it comes to her feminist heroes, it is no surprise that this aspiring lawyer looks up to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elle Woods. “RBG and On the Basis of Sex are what got me to want to do politics,” states Hoffman. With those heroes in mind, Grace is bound to one day make a difference in this country as she is determined to help women.

Hoffman describes herself as a feminist, and despite not knowing the word for it as a child, she knows that she has been one her whole life. “I used to think I was sexist as a kid because I wanted to see more women representation…  and it’s really just because I was a feminist,” Hoffman shared.  Hoffman has her father to thank for her feminist mentality, stating that anytime someone tried to steer her in the wrong direction, he would “try to combat it.”

Women’s and Gender Studies students are change-makers, and Grace is no exception!