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Dissertation Fellowship

Dissertation grants are awarded annually each spring. Grants for up to $1000 may be requested. Grants may be used to cover costs associated with completing the dissertation, including but not limited to photocopying, approved travel to libraries, book purchases, and computer software necessary for research.

Topics might include the social construction of gender, gender-based discrimination, historical and contemporary representations of gender and sexuality, women’s literature, women and politics, gender in various media, transnationalism, queer and feminist theory, reproduction, and other gender-related issues. Projects in any discipline are eligible for consideration, and those incorporating interdisciplinary perspectives are encouraged.

Late submissions will not be considered.


  1.  Students must be enrolled in or have completed the WGST Graduate Certificate Program.
  2.  Students must have passed the preliminary examination.
  3.  Students must be officially enrolled in the university at time of application.
  4.  Preference will be given to students who have been admitted to candidacy by April 1, of the current academic year.

Applications will be asked to submit the following items IN ONE COMBINED PDF on this google form:

  1.  Project summary (100 word maximum)
  2.  Project Narrative (600-800 words) that identifies: (a) research questions that the dissertation project addresses; (b) the proposed methods used to study the questions; and (c) the significance of the dissertation for women’s and gender studies scholarship
  3.  Budget that indicates the categories of expenditures and estimated expense amounts. Be specific.
  4.  A one-page Curriculum Vitae
  5.  The Dissertation Proposal Cover Sheet (with signatures), if available, filed with the OGAPS
  6.  Committee Chair Letter, which must include information on (a) whether the student has completed their course work; (b) whether the student has successfully completed preliminary exams; (c) if the student does not have a proposal on file with OGAPS, an indication of the progress the student has made towards developing a dissertation proposal. The letter should also briefly evaluate the student’s project in terms of: (1) the significance of the dissertation’s potential to contribute significantly to women’s and gender studies; (2) the need for funds to complete the proposed research; and (3) the likelihood of successful completion of the dissertation within one year of award.

Other Requirements:

Recipients of Dissertation Grants will be required to submit a one-page final report, detailing how the funds were spent and will be asked to present the results of their research at a colloquium during the academic year. If a funded dissertation results in publications, Grant recipients are asked to acknowledge the support they received from the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Review Criteria:

  1.  Significance of the dissertation’s potential to contribute significantly to women’s and gender studies
  2.  Need for funds to complete the proposed research
  3.  Likelihood of successful completion of the dissertation within one year of award
  4.  Professional presentation, completeness, and clarity of submitted application