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  • X-ray of two brains, one 35 and the other 85-years-old

    Even Mild Cases Of COVID-19 Can Leave A Mark On The Brain, Such As Reductions In Gray Matter

    A Texas A&M neuroscientist explains the emerging research.

  • X-ray of two brains, one 35 and the other 85-years-old

    COVID-19 Leaves A Mark On The Brain – But It’s Not Yet Clear How Long It Lasts

    The new research findings, although preliminary, raise concerns about the potential long-term effects of COVID-19, a Texas A&M cognitive neuroscientist says.

  • After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in a drive-through vaccination center, a lady gives a gig 'em with a smile behind her mask.

    Why Some COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Fail And Others Succeed

    Professors from the College of Liberal Arts explain the successes and failures of COVID-19 and vaccine communication to the public.

  • Photo of WOman struggling from COVID

    COVID-19 and its Effect on Gender Roles

    Due to school and workplace shutdowns, the pandemic not only altered our everyday lives, but increased hardships for women compared to men.

  • Close up of Benjamin Franklin on the $100 wearing a medical mask.

    The COVID-19 Stimulus Check Debate

    As the government continues to debate stimulus checks in response to COVID-19, Sarah Zubairy, an associate professor of economics, explains arguments for and against the proposed bill.

  • Photo of people wearing masks

    How to Make Ethical Decisions Once You’ve Been Vaccinated for COVID-19

    Professors from the College of Liberal Arts utilize their expertise to advise on how to act and make decisions after being vaccinated.

  • Photo of vaccine.

    Ethics of the CDC’s Recommended COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

    Martin Peterson, an expert in ethics and decision theory, explains the ethics of the CDC’s proposed COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan.

  • Photo of hands holding a local newspaper so that they can read it.

    Forecasting the Economy in a Post-COVID World

    With everyone’s eyes on the fast approaching new year, it's more important than ever to examine the past and present of the economy before looking to the future.

  • Election ballot with Trump and Biden's names, and a covid-shaped mark next to Trump's name

    Trump Was Expected To Lose Votes In Places Where More People Died Of COVID-19. He Didn’t.

    Michael Koch, an associate professor with the Department of Political Science, talks to Buzzfeed News.

  • Photo with Reveille celebrating Halloween with Pumpkins.

    Making Homemade Halloween Costumes COVID-19 Friendly

    Halloween festivities in 2020 are sure to be different than they were in the past. Keeping safety in mind, Professor Rayna Dexter shares some tips on making the perfect costume.