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October cover photo featuring the Ukok Plateau grasslands of Southwestern Siberia.

In the Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

Posted October 6, 2023

The October Mammoth Trumpet is published! A bonus issue for your Fall reading! Don’t miss out on reading part 2 of La Mina in Quintana Roo. You can also read about plotting the Arctic, what Paleolithic toolmakers favored, Thule people, Lee Bement’s forte, as well as two bonus articles. Subscribe today to find out more!

Autumn trees and wooden walkway with title of explore with us

Join in the Exploration!

Posted September 8, 2023

Happy Fall! The Center for the Study of the First Americans is the premier research organization dedicated to understanding the Ice Age peopling of the Americas. One reason is because of Center members, and we sincerely appreciate them! Center member support is crucial to research, education, public outreach, and vital to our mission of excellence.  […]

Pictures of horned animals and ancient drawings on rock

New Center Book!

Posted April 29, 2023

Large-Scale Traps of the Great Basin By Bryan Hockett and Eric Dillingham Contributions by Clifford Alpheus Shaw and Mark O’Brien This important new research from Bryan Hockett and Eric Dillingham examines the archaeological evidence for large-scale traps over the past 9,000 years in North America’s Great Basin. The authors provide field identification methods, hard data, […]