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Go to or call 979.845.5143 to set up an appointment. Advisors are located in 202 Richard Coke Building.

Office hours: M-F 9-11 a.m. (by appointment only) or 1:15-3:30 p.m. (walk-ins).

*Some advising hours will be impacted by new student conferences during the summer. Please call 979.845.5143 to verify advising availability.

The Undergraduate Programs Office can assist with issues that need approval of the Dean or can refer you to the appropriate resources. They act on behalf of the Dean to deal with academic affairs, college and university requirements, and scholastic honors. Consult a college advisor for help with the following:

  • Processing of requests for double majors and double degrees
  • Graduation problems
  • Petitions regarding college and university policies, procedures, and requirements (link to documents)
  • Referrals to support services for personal or academic difficulties
  • Rescheduling a final exam when you have three exams in a single day
  • Academic probation (link to document)
  • Probation and Dismissal Policy (link to document)
  • College dismissals and appeals (link to documents)
  • Withdrawal from the University

Major or Departmental Advisors

Your departmental advisor will be the most help with your major. They know the faculty, department’s courses, and special opportunities offered by the department for undergraduates. They can ensure that your schedule meets the requirements of your degree plan. Additionally, they can assist you with the following:

  • Selecting courses before you register each semester
  • Declaring your minor field of study
  • Changes of major
  • Q-dropping a course
  • Substituting courses transferred “by title” into your degree program
  • Locating general information about career opportunities in your major
  • Writing recommendations for awards, prospective employers, graduate and professional schools

Visit your departmental website for current contact information.