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How do I apply?
Texas A&M University’s admissions site will tell you how to join the Aggie family.

How can I afford school?
Visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid page to find the resources that are right for you.

What can I study in the College of Liberal Arts?
The college features 12 departments and 5 interdisciplinary programs with majors, minors, graduate programs and certificates.

Who else is studying liberal arts?
There are more than 6,000 undergraduates and over 800 graduate students in the college.

I’ve received my letter of acceptance!  What is the next step?
If you have been admitted for the following term, please register for a New Student Conference.  Doing so, will inform us that you have accepted your admission.  Attending a New Student Conference is mandatory for all incoming students.  Failure to attend your New Student Conference will mean that you have decided NOT to accept our offer of admission, and will not be attending Texas A&M University.  Please review the New Student Conference dates and make sure that you do not have a scheduling conflict.

We encourage you to spend the time between your acceptance and your New Student Conference preparing for the move to Aggieland. And remember, if you do not attend a New Student Conference, your student record is  not activated and you will need to re-apply.

Can I make an appointment with a college or departmental representative to ask questions about the requirements?
Of course you can.  College and departmental advisors are available to you during different part of the year.  If you have already discussed your questions with the Office of Admissions, the next step would be to meet with a representative of the Dean’s Office.  They can answer questions about the college requirements.

Appointments can be made almost year-round, depending on advisor availability.  Visit to book an appointment or call our office at 979-845-5143.

Our transfer requirements are subject to change every year.  There are no transfer appointments from March 1st through mid-May, as this is the time the college works with the different departments to approve the minimum requirements for the upcoming year admission cycle.

If you would like to discuss specific degree questions or get to know the departmental advisors, please visit their websites to make an appointment.