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Boenigk Family Values

Rebecca and Bobby Boenigk '77 have recently established the Rebecca and Bobby Boenigk '77 Scholars in Liberal Arts Endowment in honor of their children and their time at the College of Liberal Arts.

By Allen M. Junek ’18

Some parents help their fifth-graders study for a spelling bee. Others volunteer to coach their child’s sports team. There are many ways parents give to, and support, their children.

This was the case for Bobby Boenigk ‘77, who, along with his wife Rebecca, recently established the Rebecca and Bobby Boenigk ’77 Scholars in Liberal Arts Endowment.

Bobby studied psychology during his time at Texas A&M, but the motivation behind their gift can be traced to their son, Ryan ‘14, an international studies graduate and daughter, Rachel ‘12, a history and political science graduate. The scholarship has been made to benefit students within the College of Liberal Arts and impact future generations of Aggies in honor of Ryan and Rachel.

“I feel honored that my parents would give to Texas A&M in such a way. My parents have reaffirmed the hard work and dedication that I put into earning my degree,” Ryan said.

Hard work must run in the family. Bobby worked full time to put himself through school, but consequently, he was only able to attend Texas A&M as a part-time student.

“As a student, I never really got to be an Aggie. I didn’t get the opportunity to become an Aggie until later,” Boenigk said. Now his gift will afford many more students the opportunity to experience Texas A&M as he never could.

Bobby and Rebecca have also made gifts to the Singing Cadets in honor of Ryan, and to the Bush School in honor of their daughter Rachel who received her Masters of Public Service and Administration. Their commitment to both the liberal arts and their children is exemplary.

“A lot of other degrees are so focused on a specialty that they leave out ‘life’”, Rebecca said. The liberal arts on the other hand, are different. They don’t focus on just one strength; instead, they reach across a wide array of disciplines, all of which are applicable regardless of one’s career.

So as long as psychology, policy, and history–to name a few–are all relevant to daily life, the liberal arts will continue to be as well.

“I think that the College of Liberal Arts produces a well-rounded individual,” Bobby said. “It prepares them to go out, leave school, and approach life with an open mind.”

For more information on how you can impact students and faculty in your preferred area in the College of Liberal Arts, please contact Larry J. Walker II.

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