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Fast track to the future

Through the ExxonMobil's 3:1 higher education matching program for employees and retirees, Dr. Ray and Beverly Mentzer were able to fuel the Rebecca F. Mentzer ‘16 Endowed Scholarship, in honor of their daughter, Rebecca.

By Allen M. Junek ‘18

A corporate matching program can send a gift into maximum overdrive. This was the case for Dr. Ray and Beverly Mentzer, who were able to maximize their contribution to the College of Liberal Arts through ExxonMobil, where they have worked for a combined 60 years. Through the company’s 3:1 higher education matching program for employees and retirees, the Mentzers were able to fuel the Rebecca F. Mentzer ‘16 Endowed Scholarship, in honor of their daughter, Rebecca, who graduated summa cum laude from the Department of Economics.

While Ray and Beverly have built their careers as chemical engineers, the value of a liberal arts education wasn’t lost on them—especially after observing Rebecca’s success. Not only did she graduate in three years, but she was able to maintain an active involvement in different service organizations.

“Rebecca would have been a great engineer if that’s what she had wanted. She received very good training in terms of problem-solving and issue management, both of which she applies in her work today,” Ray said.

(L to R) Dr. Ray, Rebecca ’16, and Beverly Mentzer

“Communication also,” Beverly added, “In my work with engineers, I really wish they had the communication skills that come with being a liberal arts major.”

Rebecca is currently working as a listening, monitoring, and evaluation analyst for HOPE International, whose mission statement is to “invest in the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities as they proclaim and live the gospel through discipleship, training, loans, and savings”. Rebecca recently returned from a 3 month assignment in Rwanda, where she supported activities across international programs to foster continuous organizational improvement.

“Selfless service and being a serious student was, and is, clearly very important to her,” Ray said.

In addition to this scholarship honoring Rebecca, the Mentzers have made a scholarship in honor of their son, Nathan ‘11, to benefit students seeking a degree in mechanical engineering. Similarly, they have endowed scholarships at other institutions where Ray has taught. While they have used the matching program offered by ExxonMobil elsewhere, they believe there’s something special about Texas A&M.

“Selfless service is the key characteristic that separates A&M from every other school,” Ray said. “Both of our kids had these experiences and we think that is a key part of what A&M has to offer.”

Thanks to the selfless service of the Mentzers, when it comes to the next generation of Liberal Arts students, the college is fueling the future.

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