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How to celebrate Pride Month from home

The College of Liberal Arts invites you to join us in these virtual Pride celebrations inspired by all 13 departments in the college.

By Rachel Knight

Every June, Pride Month provides a time to reflect, gain awareness, and celebrate. Pride is usually commemorated through in-person events; however, due to COVID-19, Pride has taken on a new, virtual form in 2020. 

The College of Liberal Arts invites you to join us in these virtual Pride celebrations inspired by all 13 departments in the college. We hope you enjoy celebrating the LGBTIQ community with us!

Fly Your Flag

Pride flag waiving in the wind.

Anthropology looks at cultural practices and focuses on the material cultures produced by people, both living and prehistoric. In our culture today, we fly rainbow flags as a materialistic way to show our pride and support of the LGBTIQ community. What are you waiting for? Run your rainbow flag up the pole, hang it from your balcony, or display it in your window!

Talk to people of all ages about Pride Month

We are all human graphic.

Interpersonal communication and family communication are part of our daily lives. Make it a point to include LGBTIQ topics in conversations with your friends and family this month. Learn how to address these topics with your kids, define LGBTIQ words for all ages, and introduce someone you love to the history of Pride Month. 

Give love to charity

LGBTQ+ Pride Center on campus.

Benjamin Priday, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Economics, recently published an article about the generosity of the upper class. No matter what socioeconomic status you fall into, Pride Month is a good reminder to give to your favorite LGBTIQ charities. You can even give a tax free donation to the GLBT Endowment at Texas A&M University!

Read LGBTIQ literature

Books organized on shelf by color.

Make sure LGBTIQ stories are heard by curling up with one (or all) of the books recommended by Justin Rogers and Landon Sadler, a couple of College of Liberal Arts graduate students in the English department. In addition to Justin and Landon’s book recommendations, here’s an inventory of books for sale with 20% off Pride reads from Penguin Random House

Hispanic Studies
Explore Frida Kahlo art

Self portrait of Frida Kahlo.

Explore the art of Frida Kahlo, a gifted Mexican painter who was openly bisexual. Her art depicts taboo topics, primarily through self-portraits. Kahlo’s art also honors indigenous Mexican culture. Expand your knowledge of both her Pride and heritage by journeying through her artistic talents. 

Learn about LGBTIQ figures throughout history

Historic LGBTQ+ figures.

Did you know former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt is an LGBTIQ figure? Or that Bayard Rustin, the man who organized the 1963 March on Washington as a friend and advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. was a gay activist who helped bring the AIDS crisis to the NAACP’s attention? There’s no time like the present to learn about these LGTIQ figures and more from the past. 

Interdisciplinary Critical Studies
Checkout It Gets Better Project events on YouTube

It Gets Better Project logo

Interdisciplinary Critical Studies offers a little bit of everything to students by combining the programs of African Studies, Film and Media Studies, Latino/a and Mexican American Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Like Interdisciplinary Critical Studies, It Gets Better Project has been offering a little bit of everything, including fitness tutorials and instructions on how to look your best on Zoom calls, on their YouTube channel through the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a look at this fun content and get to know some LGBTIQ YouTubers while you’re at it! If YouTube is not your thing, check out this list of what to stream during Pride Month from Dr. Daniel Humphrey, associate professor of film studies and women’s and gender studies.

International Studies
Make rainbow food from around the world at home

Rainbow cheesecake.

Did you know cheesecake is believed to have been served in ancient Greece, or that spaghetti may have originated in China? You may not be able to travel the world right now, but you can certainly make fun rainbow dishes inspired by international cuisine. Learn about the origins of some of your favorite foods and add fun rainbow colors to them to celebrate Pride with every bite.

Performance Studies
Listen to Pride anthems

Lady Gaga performing a Pride anthem.

Sing at the top of your lungs and dance like there’s no tomorrow to your favorite Pride anthems. Think about what the music and your moves reveal about the human experience and culture as you shake it with Pride. 

Reflect while planning a walk of contemplation through the Stonewall National Monument

Pride flags flying over Stonewall National Monument.

The late Dr. John McDermott was an American philosopher and professor at Texas A&M. He was well-known for taking contemplative walks through campus, which he called walks of contemplation. His former students carry on this tradition and legacy today. Plan your trip to the Stonewall National Monument, and think about taking a walk of contemplation through the national park.

Political Science
Attend virtual marches, parades, and celebrations

Building with rainbow lighting and fireworks during virtual Pride Month celebration.

Pride marches, parade, and celebrations around the world will look a little different in 2020 as many transition to virtual platforms rather than in person marches. Still, Pride will be celebrated worldwide throughout the month of June, and virtual events allow us to participate in celebrations across the globe!

Psychological & Brain Sciences
Color with Pride

Coloring tools.

Take a brain break, and pick up your crayons, markers, paintbrush, or colored pencils. It’s time to color with Pride! The College of Liberal Arts is sharing Pride themed coloring pages on our social media accounts through the month of June, so be sure to check those out. 

Virtual visit to Stonewall

Screenshot of Stonewall Forever online monument.

Sociology is the study of society, social institutions, and social relationships. Put on your own sociology thinking cap, and visit a virtual living monument to 50 years of Pride in America. Interact virtually with content and take the opportunity to share your own story while exploring Stonewall Forever.