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Dana Dang ‘23: A First-Generation Aggie with a Passion for Art

Dana Dang ‘23 is an active member on campus, using her talents to express her creativity while promoting the College of Liberal Arts.

Editor’s Note: The Empowering Excellence series features recipients of generous donors’ support who’ve been empowered to achieve excellence in their studies, research, and academic programs.

The students and faculty members featured in the Empowering Excellence series serve as a reminder that by working together the Aggie family makes a major difference. We hope you find inspiration in what you are about to read, because you continue to inspire us. Thank you for all that you do.

By Mia Mercer ‘23

Photo of Dana Dang smiling.

“The humanity, kindness, and support that the professors in the College of Liberal Arts have shown me have inspired me to lead with love and empathy in my own life,” Dana Dang ’23 said.

Dana Dang ‘23 has always loved art. She grew up drawing and experimenting with digital media. Although she enjoyed using art as an outlet for her creativity, she never saw it as more than a hobby. After coming to Texas A&M University and joining organizations based on designing and gaining leadership positions in public relations and social media, Dang is now pursuing the same passion she had growing up, knowing that her hobby can also become her career.

 Dang is a junior psychology major with minors in business and art. After hearing about the opportunities and networking abilities she would receive as an Aggie, she decided to come to Texas A&M where she was admitted into the University Honors program and the Freshman Innovation Group. As a first-generation college student, Dang said these programs helped her transition smoothly into this next chapter of her life. 

The College of Liberal Arts has really helped me develop a holistic point of view about the world,” Dang shared. “It has helped me understand my surroundings with empathy and has given me the voice and strength to pursue my nonlinear career path confidently. The humanity, kindness, and support that the professors in the College of Liberal Arts have shown me have inspired me to lead with love and empathy in my own life.”

An active member of campus life, Dang stays busy using her talents in a variety of ways. 

Currently, she serves as the public relations chair for Freshmen in Liberal Arts Reaching Excellence (FLARE) and is the Design Chief for A-Line Magazine, a creative group of students that produce a print issue every semester. She also works for Catharina Laporte, producing and editing videos along with creating outreach ideas for the Department of Anthropology through graphic design and social media, and she is the graphic design and social media intern for the strategic communications team in the College of Liberal Arts. Outside of school, she is pursuing a personal project called “Well That’s Uncomfy” centered around the intersectionality of being a first-generation American and a woman of color.

Not only is Dang thankful for the hands-on experience she’s received through the College of Liberal Arts, she’s also thankful for the financial help she’s received from donors to help her achieve her goals. After being awarded the Liberal Arts Advisory Council (LAAC) Scholarship in 2020-2021, Dang was able to fund her college experience and start creating digital art. She said the ability to invest in digital design tools was the push she needed to explore design as a tangible and attainable career path.

“If I could say anything to my scholarship donor I would say thank you for taking the time to give back to the College of Liberal Arts and for being a donor,” Dang said. “They really have made an impact on my career because I have no idea where I would be if the scholarship wasn’t the starting catalyst for me to take digital art creation seriously. I hope they know that their contributions are positively affecting students and their college careers.”

After graduating, Dang plans on getting a master’s degree in marketing to pursue a career in public relations, marketing, and design. She hopes to find a job that will allow her to express her creativity while capturing and exemplifying the message and image of an individual’s brand.

I really want to change the world for the better and be a proud woman of color in the creative branding industry, designing for businesses that are driven to use their platform and power to enact change,” Dang said. 

Thanks to the hands-on experiences and education she’s received at Texas A&M and the donors who helped fund her studies, Dang continues to pursue her passions in the hopes of becoming the change she wishes to see in the world.