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Kick-Starting 2022

March into the New Year with a resolution inspired by the 12 departments in the College of Liberal Arts

By Tiarra Drisker ‘25 & Mia Mercer ‘23

Need help finding a New Year’s resolution? Look no further! 

The College of Liberal Arts has put together a list of 12 New Year resolutions inspired by the 12 departments in the college. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the New Year with College of Liberal Arts themed resolutions!


Open cache.

Unearth new treasures with geocaching! Find caches or hidden treasures that others have left around the world. 


Photo reads: "Facebook"

Despite its usefulness in collaborating with others, overuse of social media can be harmful. In the new year, try limiting your social media use! 


Student holds piggy bank.

When you invest monetary holiday gifts, a little goes a long way. Start a savings account to start 2022 in the green!


Hand holding pen as person writes in journal.

Put your English skills to use and start journaling your daily thoughts and emotions! This not only helps you practice your writing skills, but also allows you to practice mindfulness.

Hispanic Studies

Cover of "The Poet X"

Get into reading Hispanic literature! Read from the list of suggested books Sarah Misemer, Hispanic studies professor and associate director of LAUNCH, suggests.


Baseball sits in glove

Develop a hobby! Hobbies can include anything from spending time with your pooch to playing baseball, and our history faculty knows a thing or two about both pastimes! 

International Studies

Student studying abroad in Peru.

Plan to travel more in the new year! Whether planning to studying abroad or dreaming of walking along the Inca Trail, there’s no shortage of fun opportunities to connect with the international world!   

Performance Studies

Visualize 2022 by creating a vision board. Include ways you would like to improve your performance *ba da cha* next year. Be sure to include upcoming performances listed in the department’s latest newsletter


Bottles Recycled into planters on a wall.

Go green! Give back to nature whether that be through recycling or learning how to defend the world. Learn more by reading ‘Defending Biodiversity: Environmental Science and Ethics co-authored by philosophy faculty member Gary Varner. 

Political Science 

US capitol building framed by cheery tree blosoms.

Read up on a political party you don’t identify with! Expand your horizons and learn more about differing political views.

Psychological & Brain Sciences

An employee sits at her desk showing visible signs of stress. Her shoulders are tense. Her eyes are closed. Her elbows are on the desk. Her hands are over her face. She is leaning forward in front of an open laptop.

Jay Yuno |


Develop better study habits! This can be anything from waking up earlier to getting more sleep or refraining from listening to music according to cognitive psychologist Brian Anderson. 


Ponder and reflect upon last year’s triumphs and trials. What can you improve? What made last year memorable?