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Dean’s Advisory Committee

The Deans Advisory Committee (DAC) and the Academic Professional Track Dean’s Advisory Committee (APT-DAC) make recommendations to the Dean on all cases of tenure and promotion and on mid-term review cases (DAC only). DAC and APT-DAC members do not represent their departments; rather, they represent the College as a whole. The committees’ charge is to conduct a thorough and impartial evaluation of all cases that it considers, applying the general standards for tenure or promotion that are outlined in the College of Liberal Arts’ “Procedures for Review, Tenure and Promotion” (for tenured and tenure-track faculty) or the standards for promotion outlined in the College of Liberal Arts “Faculty Academic Professional Track Guidelines” (for academic professional track faculty).


  • José Cheibub- Political Science
  • Margaret Ezell – English
  • Ted Goebel – Anthropology
  • Dennis Jansen – Economics
  • Hilaire Kallendorf – Hispanic Studies
  • Adam Seipp – History


  • Robert Heffer – Psychology
  • Elizabeth Robinson – English
  • Michelle Taylor-Robinson – Political Science
  • Nancy Street – Communication