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Transfer FAQs

I don’t meet the minimum transfer admission requirements now but plan to apply, do I have a shot?
A 2.5 GPA on a minimum of 24 hours of graded transferable coursework is required for review.  Summer/fall applicants may be asked to submit spring grades before a final decision is made.
What does it mean to submit spring grades and can I submit fall grades?
Some majors will allow students to submit final spring grades to be considered for fall admission.  Fall grades cannot be used in making spring admissions decision.
What is the difference between ‘required’, ‘recommended’ and ‘additional’ coursework in the Transfer Course Sheets?
Required courses are those the department want to see completed for admission.  Recommended courses could allow for some flexibility but students are more competitive if these courses are completed.  Additional coursework listings give students coursework options in their degree plan that can be used to satisfy the 24 hours of graded transferable coursework requirement.
Can I still apply if I don’t have all the ‘required’ or ‘recommended’ completed? (spring and summer/fall)
Applicants are the most competitive when all requirements are met per the Transfer Course Sheet for the desired major. 
Some of the Transfer Course Sheets do not provide what course to take, it lists, what does that mean?
This means that the major will accept any course that satisfies a TAMU Core Curriculum requirement. There is a more exhaustive list of TAMU Core Curriculum courses on
What happens if I want to change majors later, is that possible?
You can request for a change of major after applying through the Applicant Information System as long as your application status is listed as ‘incomplete’ on AIS and before the appropriate application deadline.  After admission, students must meet the internal transfer major requirements for that major.  A change of major is not guaranteed and are never encouraged in attempt to back-door into another major.
Where can I see if my courses transfer?
Through our transfer admissions website.
Can I just send A&M my AP test scores?
In order for these courses to be considered in the transfer admissions process and for transfer of credit, AP courses must be listed as a specific course on an official college transcript.
What are the required documents for transfer admission, do I need a resume and letters of recommendation?
We do not require a resume or letters of recommendation.  Activities, awards and accomplishments should be listed directly on the applytexas application for review. Documents needed for transfer admission are, transfer application completed on, essay topic A, application fee or fee waiver, and all college transcripts including dual credit.