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  • Morgan Smith

    Morgan Smith Named Graduate Student Representative

    Center graduate student Morgan Smith was named as a graduate student representative for the Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology. He is the first graduate student specializing in prehistoric (First Americans) underwater archaeology to be named to the board! Morgan is a Ph.D. graduate student at Texas A&M University in the Anthropology program. Morgan specialized in geoarchaeology, underwater […]

  • Cover of American Antiquity Journal

    Choosing a Path to the Ancient World in a Modern Market: the Reality of Faculty Jobs in Archaeology

    A report in the journal American Antiquity titled, “Choosing a Path to the Ancient World in a Modern Market,” by Jeff Speakman and co-authors ranks Texas A&M University as one of the top 10 institutions to get a PhD in Anthropology with a focus on archaeology! We rank 7th in the country of programs to successfully place our […]