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Planned & Estate Giving

The Past Relies on the Future!

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Planned Giving and Legacy Creation

There are many ways to support the Center for the Study of the First Americans. Very few require you write a lump-sum check.

Explore how you can bring together charitable giving, tax planning and other financial strategies through creative gift planning and leave a legacy in First Americans research.

Below are but a few examples of ways to plan your giving that would promote a long-term viability of the Center.



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A charitable bequest is one of the simplest ways you can leave a legacy and lasting impact on the Center’s mission. By making a bequest to the Center for the Study of the First Americans through your will, you can retain assets during your life, lessen the burden of taxes on your family, and support the Center!



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Retirement Assets

You can name the Center as a beneficiary of your IRA, or pension plan. In doing this, you can minimize the taxes that may otherwise decrease these assets. At the same time you will be supporting the Center!

Life Insurance Policies

You can donate a life insurance policy to the Center or name us a beneficiary.


workers on dig with rainbow in backgroundOther Ways to Plan Giving to the Center

There are countless other options for planned giving. If you would like to explore these options or discuss one of the above mentioned methods for planning your gift, give the Center a call today at 979-845-4046. Planned charitable giving will benefit your future as well as the Center’s. Additionally, it will allow you to make a much more significant gift than you are able to give otherwise. Charitable giving is for everyone, not just the wealthy. Start planning today!