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CSFA Graduates and Their Research Projects

Angela K. Gore (Ph.D. 2022)

         Dissertation title: Exploring the Lithic Landscape of the Nenana River Valley, Interior Alaska. (Chair: Kelly Graf)

Neil Puckett (Ph.D. 2021)

Dissertation title: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Refining the Archaeological and Geomorphological Record of the Walker Lake Basin, Nevada. (Chair: Kelly Graf)

Katelyn McDonough (Ph.D. 2021)

Dissertation title: Human Paleoecology in the High Desert: 12,600 Years of Human-Plant Dynamics in the Northern Great Basin, Oregon, USA. (Chair: Vaughn Bryant/Ted Goebel)

Marion M. Coe (Ph.D. 2020)

Dissertation title: Reconstructing Identity in the Bonneville Basin: Holocene-aged Cordage and Coiled Basketry from the Eastern Great Basin. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Joshua J. Lynch (Ph.D. 2020)

Dissertation title: Exploring the Function and Adaptive Context of Paleo-Arctic Projectile Points. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Morgan Smith (Ph.D. 2019)

Dissertation title: Liquid Landscapes: What Submerged Precontact Archaeological Sites in Florida Tell Us About the Terminal Pleistocene in the Southeastern United States, Human Adaptation to Climate Change, and the Settlement of a New Continent. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Angelina Perrotti (Ph.D. 2018)

Dissertation title: Palynological Evidence for Terminal Pleistocene Paleoenvironmental Change at Two Sites in the Southeastern United States. (Chair: Vaughn Bryant/Michael Waters)

Josh Keene (Ph.D. 2016)

Dissertation title: Geoarchaeology, Paleoecology, and Holocene Subsistence Change on the Upper Snake River Plain, Idaho. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

John Blong (Ph.D. 2015)

Dissertation title: Prehistoric Landscape Use in the Central Alaska Range. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Angela Younie (Ph.D. 2015)

Dissertation title: Microblades, Bifaces, and the Chindadn Complex: Reinvestigating the Healy Lake Archaeological Record, Alaska. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Heather Smith (Ph.D. 2015)

Dissertation title: Paleoindian Technology in Beringia: A Technological and Morphological Analysis of the Northern Fluted-Point Complex. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Jesse Tune (Ph.D. 2015)

Dissertation title: Settling into the Younger Dryas: Human Behavioral Adaptations During the Pleistocene to Holocene Transition in the Midsouth United States. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Melissa Mueller (M.A. 2015)

Thesis title: Taphonomy and Zooarchaeology of Faunal Assemblages from Archaeological Sites along the Upper Susitna River, Alaska. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Kayla Schmalle (M.A. 2013)

Thesis title: Geoarchaeological Investigation of the Coats-Hines Site (40WM31), Williamson County, Tennessee. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Jessi Halligan (Ph.D. 2012)

Dissertation title: Geoarchaeological Investigations into Paleoindian Adaptations on the Aucilla River, Northwest Florida.(Chair: Michael Waters)

Tom Jennings (Ph.D. 2012)

Dissertation title: Late Pleistocene Technological Organization at the Buttermilk Creek Site. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Ashley Smallwood (Ph.D. 2011)

Dissertation title: Clovis Technology and Settlement in the American Southeast. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

John Blong (M.A. 2010)

Thesis title: Paleoindian Toolstone Provisioning and Settlement Organization at the Higgins Site. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Heather Smith (M.A. 2010)

Thesis title: A Behavioral Analysis of Clovis Point Morphology Using Geometric Morphometrics. (Chair: Ted Goebel)

Josh Keene (M.A. 2009)

Thesis title: Site Formation Processes at the Buttermilk Creek Site (41BL1239), Bell County, Texas. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Charlotte Pevny (Ph.D. 2009)

Dissertation title: Clovis Lithic Debitage from Excavation Area 8 at the Gault Site (41BL323), Texas: Form and Function. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Juan Urista (M.A. 2009)

Thesis title: Stratigraphy and Geochronology of the Vernor Mammoth Site, Clute, Brazoria County, Texas. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Victor Galan (Ph.D. 2008)

Dissertation title: Excavation, Analysis, and Behavior of the Hegar and Texas Caches in Southeast Texas. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Dawn Alexander (M.A. 2008)

Thesis title: Geoarchaeological Investigation of Natural Formation Processes to Evaluate Context of the Clovis Component at the Gault Site (41BL323), Bell Country, Texas. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Scott Minchak (M.A. 2007)

Thesis title: A Microwear Study of Clovis Blades from the Gault Site, Bell County, Texas. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Heidi Luchsinger (Ph.D. 2006)

Dissertation title:The Late Quaternary Landscape History of the Middle Rio Negro Valley, Northern Patagonia, Argentina: Its Impact on Preservation of the Archaeological Record and Influence on Late Holocene Human Settlement Patterns. (Chair: Michael Waters)

Michael Aiuvalasit (M.A. 2006)

Thesis title: Geoarchaeological Investigation at the McNeill-Gonzales Site (41VT141), Victoria County, Texas. (Chair: Michael Waters)

William Dickens (Ph.D. 2005)

Dissertation title: Biface Reduction and Blade Manufacture at the Gault Site 41BL323: A Clovis Occupation in Bell County, Texas. (Chair: Michael Waters)

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