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The Center for the Study of the First Americans actively publishes a news magazine, journal, and books of interest to both the professional archaeologist and public.

Mammoth Trumpet

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The Mammoth Trumpet provides informative articles about the First Americans, exploring the origin, life ways, artifacts, and other aspects of the earliest inhabitants of the Americas.

This publication is designed for both the general public and scholarly community.

The Mammoth Trumpet is published 4 times a year.


Mammoth Trumpet Archives

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PaleoAmerica journal coverPaleoAmerica is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal that focuses on the Pleistocene human colonization of the New World—the only scientific journal of its kind. The journal’s scope is interdisciplinary, covering archaeology, genetics, paleoanthropology, linguistics, and paleoenvironmental sciences. PaleoAmerica is international, covering North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, and areas of the Old World from where the first Americans came.

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Current Research in the Pleistocene

Cover image of CRPThis scholarly journal was published by the Center from 1984 to 2011.  It provided syntheses on significant topics in the field, updates on site excavations, and the results of important research.  Current Research in the Pleistocene (CRP) was published once a year.

Current Research in the Pleistocene is available for download now!

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Southbound: Late Pleistocene Peopling of Latin America

Southbound cover click to orderEdited by Laura Miotti, Monica Salemme, Nora Flegenheimer, & Ted Goebel
The authors, 98 scientists and scholars, mostly Latin Americans, confidently assert that human occupation of the southern continent dates at least as early as the Clovis culture in North America. The interplay of many disciplines energizes their argument. Genetics studies, craniometrics, and physical anthropology illuminate the demographics of early Latin America. The 21st-century technology of Geographic Information Systems plots the likeliest routes traveled by colonizers. Sites visited across the width and breadth of Latin America, supported by firm radiocarbon dates, attest to the activities of human occupants, the artifacts they made, and the fauna they preyed on. Analyses of various dimensions of the ecosystem-palynology, paleontology, studies of coprolites and faunal assemblages-reconstruct the paleoenvironment that hosted the first immigrants. 6×9 in., 218 pages.

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